Ibirapuera is in the paradisiac Jericoacoara beach, in the extreme north of Ceará state. It is a perfectly inserted in the famous Jericoacoara’s landscape, and it is a unique inn.
Gifted with comfortable individual apartments and chalets, the excellent location provides privacy and tranquility.
We offer personal tratament for our guests, and not forgetting to accentuate the large green area, where the primroses live together with old cajus trees and our handmade decoration, in a perfect harmony.
Ibirapuera Inn is for sure the best option in Jericoacoara Vilage with charm and warmth.
In Ceará’s lands there is one place where the light pours on the soil. The sky and sea join in a blue everlasting hug and from the top of the dunes they look at us impassive and sovereign. Jericoacoara is land of light and peaceful people and gentle smiles. Here the hearts grasp to the beauty, and greatness of this place. In a shape of an amulet, I think these days lived in this flourishing place are unforgetable, the soul finds itself and the live itself finds a complement... I forever save your name in my heart, my peace of paradise.
Anela Santos         

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